Tam McDonald

IMG_5716 copyCorporate communicator, editor and publisher, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for the human brain; Tam moved from publishing in the hospitality and financial services industries into healthcare following a decade’s experience as a carer. His interest in the brain goes back to his university studies in philosophy.

Having been born in the USA, raised and educated in Canada, and then having lived throughout most of his working life in London, England, he is less concerned with allegiances to specific countries or cultures and more concerned with the wonderful totality of Planet Earth and all who sail on her. Similarly, and in launching Brains and Minds, he tempers his amazement at the achievements of human intelligence with an awareness of its shortcomings and the need for intelligence of any sort – human or artificial, animal or machine – to define itself in terms of its results and benefits.

Tam is also a supporter of innovations in support of exporting the best of British healthcare and medical research. He speaks regularly at healthcare conferences in the UK and abroad and is a confident and articulate speaker whether at corporate board level or in public with audiences small or large. For the past dozen years, Tam has been a mentor on the London Business School Entrepreneurs Summer School. He can be found on LinkedIn.